Headache Program

The County Physical Therapy Headache program was developed to treat and educate headache sufferers how to use exercise as a way to decrease the intensity, duration, and frequency of their headaches. The program also works with each patient to try and identify triggers for their headaches.

Each patient receives an initial evaluation which consists of multiple questions about their headache and an examination of their posture, neck, and upper headacheback. During the evaluation the therapist examines the quality of movement, strength, neurological issues, and any types of movements that may increase pain. There is a portion of the evaluation where individual levels of the neck and upper back are examined to rule out any dysfunctions at certain levels which may be contributing to headaches.

After the evaluation, a treatment plan is developed which may consist of:

  • Specific exercises
  • Manual Therapy (Mobilizations, Trigger point release, Muscle Energy Techniques)
  • Worksite evaluations
  • Ergonomic evaluations
  • Posture re-education
  • Patient education
  • Hot packs/cold packs
  • Ultrasound
  • Electrical Stimulation

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