Cancer Rehabilitation

County Physical Therapy’s cancer Rehab program is a specialized program designed for the patient who is currently going through or has completed cancer treatments.   Unfortunately, with more aggressive cancer treatments comes more long and late term side effects that can be very debilitating.

Common side effects of cancer treatment are

Patients who attend the Cancer Rehab Program will be evaluated by a licensed physical therapist who will assess your particular diagnosis and current status.  You may begin the program anytime.  It is highly recommended that you follow a specialized exercise program while going through all treatments and your program will be modified as needed.  Your therapist will re-evaluate you periodically as the program will need to change based on your current treatment regimen.

The Cancer Rehab Program includes

  1. Pre-treatment education for patients who will be undergoing surgery, chemotherapy and/or radiation
  2. Instructions in basic post surgical stretches
  3. Complete fitness program addressing range of motion, strength, balance and endurance.  A membership to to our fitness center is available to all cancer patients