Ergonomic Evaluations

County Physical Therapy treats ergonomics as a key component of workplace safety and one of many steps necessary for a successful rehabilitation and prevention of an injury.  Ergonomics is defined as designing and modifying your work environment to best fit you.

Typically, one thinks of ergonomics as it relates to desk/computer work, when in fact it encompasses much more than that.  No matter what setting your job is in, County Physical Therapy can evaluate your unique situation to provide you with the information and modification to improve your occupational health and productivity.

Our skilled therapists typically begin their evaluation by talking with the client and employer to develop a detailed problem list.  On-site evaluations ensue, and comprise of observing the client and their interaction with their workplace.  From this information, we work directly with your employer to make suggestions and directly assist with modifications if necessary.

Common Ergonomic Evaluation Settings

  • Secretarial/Office
  • Industrial
  • Health Care
  • Commercial