Fitness Centers

In maintaining our philosophy of wellness, continuum of care and facilitating active, healthy, and fit lifestyles, County Physical Therapy currently offers fitnesscentersfitness and wellness facilities in our Caribou, Fort Kent, and Presque Isle locations.  Available to the general public to achieve your personal fitness goals, our centers are also essential in providing a seamless transition for our therapy clients into independent programs during discharge planning.

Set in a comfortable and spacious environment, our fitness facilities are currently equipped with the latest in aerobic training equipment, resistance machines, free weights, body weight resistance, as well as the equipment needed for plyometric training, functional strengthening, and sports specific activities.

For that extra bit of motivation, group classes are currently available and include Spinning®, Zumba®, Pilates, core training class, and boot camps.

With enrollment at one of our facilities, take advantage of a onetime complimentary walk through of our centers, as well as instruction in the use of our equipment, and development of a basic program to get you started in achieving your fitness goals, all provided by one of our athletic trainers or fitness personnel.   Body fat analysis, nutritional analysis, and personal training are also available at your request.

Memberships are available in daily, monthly, three month, six month, and yearly increments.  Corporate memberships are also available.  Please call ahead for rates and specials.