Brace Fitting

Brace fitting is one of the many adjunctive services offered at County Physical Therapy.  Whether you may need a customized orthosis or an “off the shelf” type brace, our team of therapists are well suited to select the appropriate piece of equipment to meet your needs and fit it properly.  Many more commonlybracefitting used braces such as for the knee, ankle, or wrist are readily stocked and available for immediate fitting and dispensing to enable early and safe resumption of activities.

When more customized braces or specialty braces are needed, we help to facilitate appointments with certified orthotist Gail Fitzmaurice of Maine Orthotic & Prosthetic Services of Portland.

Also providing more specialized bracing at our facilities is Surgicare representative Brandon McCarthy, ATC.

With Gail and Brandon’s help, County Physical therapy is happy to provide essentially any style of brace available on the market today.  Therefore, enabling our patients a quick and safe return to work, athletic, recreational, and daily activities.